Thank you to everyone for your patience.   All partner Councils have now considered the Regulation 14 consultation comments received.  Following analysis of these comments and the new evidence created all Councils have resolved to reinstate the bypass as the development boundary for the NHP.  As a result of this revised boundary the current pre-submission version of the draft NHP is a document which can and should not be used to give weight to any further planning applications outside of the bypass as the NHP will no longer be supporting this direction of travel. 

The NHP group are in the process of reviewing both the land supply document and the current draft NHP to reflect the revised boundary and any further agreed material amendments which have been raised at the Regulation 14 stage.  Both documents will be updated and will be based on recent evidence.

The draft NHP will not be looking to deliver any housing allocation at Bradford’s Quay. The future of this area will be looked at through a place shaping exercise to include recreational use and green space.  This is being developed further in the draft NHP.  Based on Regulation 14 comments it is apparent that there is a need to create open spaces throughout Wadebridge and encourage recreational use of the Bradford’s Quay area.

All partner Councils are comfortable that the housing allocation for our area will be met.  It has been determined that the current permissions/builds for Wadebridge is approximately 1007 - leaving just short of 100 houses to find by the end of 2030.  With new land identified and natural in fill, the NHP group agree with Cornwall Council that we are on schedule to meet our target of 1,100.

The report on the Regulation 14 Consultation will shortly be made public and will be made available here.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Regulation 14 Consultation – with your comments now considered the NHP group aim to deliver our draft NHP for referendum in the near future.


Wadebridge Town Council are pleased to announce that, commencing on 6 February 2019.
Wadebridge Library & Information Service will now be open on a Wednesday from 9.30am to 5.00pm.

Wadebridge Town Council took over the delivery of this service from Cornwall Council on 3 December 2018 and, in just 2 months, has responded to the wishes of our Parishioners who wanted to see their library open longer. All library and information services will now be available from Tuesday to Saturday – the opening hours are shown below.

The Town Council look forward to welcoming you to the Wadebridge Library & Information Service where our staff will be pleased to assist you.

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 9.30am – 5.00pm
Wednesday 9.30am – 5.00pm
Thursday 9.30am – 5.00pm
Friday 9.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday 10am – 1pm

Please note the Wadebridge Carnival Quiz Night that was scheduled for tonight in the Main Hall has been cancelled.

Additionally, Lyn Warrick's School of Dance in the Conference Room has also been cancelled.

Please take care and stay safe.