On this lovely day in Wadebridge let's share some of the beautiful floral displays around town. Our Parks Dept, Caretaking/Car Park staff, Amenities Manager and Town Clerk have worked throughout lockdown, with Heather Trenowth from Trenowth Nurseries in St Columb, to make sure our Town continues to bloom this summer.
We are aware some residents may feel that our floral displays have been at the expense of grass cutting. The Town Council are contracted by Cornwall Council to cut grass in areas around the town. During lockdown we were advised that the cutting of grass on Cornwall Council land wasn't considered an essential task and we were told not to cut until advised to do so. Our Parks Dept didn't want to stop their grass cutting duties as they are well aware of how much time it takes to bring grass back to the standard they are happy with. However, Covid-19 didn't take much notice of what our Parks Dept staff wanted and we were all subject to changes we weren't particularly happy with. We have all been living and working in very difficult circumstances and hope that as we get back on track with our grass cutting you can understand the challenges we have all faced in the past few months.   

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Cornwall Council have advised that they are making arrangements to remove the recycling banks from the Piggy Lane Car Park site during the week commencing 3 August 2020.

Cornwall Council have stated that they provide a comprehensive kerbside collection with these banks being an extra service they have provided. They comment that there is widespread illegal use of recycling banks by businesses to dispose of their commercial waste. Businesses are legally required to pay for their waste collection and disposal services, through a registered waste management company. The management of this illegally deposited commercial waste creates cost for Cornwall residents and leads to banks getting full too quickly leading to material being left around the banks that can get scattered by the wind.

Signs will be installed from week commencing 20 July 2020, informing users that the banks will be permanently removed from the week commencing 3 August 2020. The signage will remain at the site for 4 weeks after the removal of the banks, to remind users how to recycle their waste, and to advise that any material left at the site after the removal will be classified as fly tipping.

Following removal of the banks, the area in which the recycling banks were located will be monitored. Any recycling material left there will be investigated as fly tipping by the Cornwall Council team.

The site also has textile banks provided by independent charities. Cornwall Council do not manage these banks and will not be removing them as part of this process but will be writing to the charities to let them know about the plan for removal of the recycling facility. It is possible that the charities may choose to either remove or relocate these banks within the area, so we will be in touch about this.

If you have any queries, or you wish to discuss the removal of the recycling bank service, please contact Cornwall Council's Waste Service by emailing wastemanagement@cornwall.gov.uk


Please use the link below to see the latest information on Wadebridge Library.