Wadebridge Town Council is expected to continue to consider and comment on new planning applications for the parish.  Based on guidance received, the Town Council has agreed a new procedure which continues to allow parishioners the opportunity to advise the town council of any comments they may have on applications. This is set out below.

New process commencing Monday 23 March 2020 :

i)              On a weekly basis (by Monday morning) - Links to all planning applications received from the planning authority will be made available to the public on the town council’s website.  You will have 5 working days to submit any comments you may have on the applications notified.  Your comments should be submitted to the Clerk and we will provide details of how to do this and tell you the deadline for submission.

ii)             The Clerk will then prepare a summary of the public comments received for each of the applications notified.  This will be circulated to all members of the town council for their comments – they will  have a further 5 days in which to respond to the Clerk.  PLEASE NOTE : In accordance with GDPR the summaries will not contain any personal information unless the writer has expressly requested his or her details to be included.

iii)           Under the Emergency Scheme of Delegation, the Clerk and appropriate members of the council will agree a council response to each application.  The draft responses will then be shared with members of the council who will have a 2 days to advise the Clerk of any further comments.  At the end of the 2 day period the responses will be sent to Cornwall Council.

iv)           The town council’s response will then be posted on the town council’s website.

v)            Should the application be referred back to the town council under the 5-day protocol, the Emergency Scheme of Delegation will allow the Clerk to take any appropriate action to respond on behalf of the council. 

If you have any queries or questions regarding the above process then please do not hesitate to contact the Town Council on :
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Town Council had its Full Council meeting last night (Wednesday 18 March 2020) which will be our last for a while in keeping with Government advice in the current climate.  We are continuing to deliver Council services as best we can and any changes in our approach will be communicated here.   
A revised Planning procedure will shortly be advised on our website and Facebook page.  This will ensure that we are able to respond to Planning applications in the usual way in the absence of Full Council meetings, while still taking account of public comments made in respect of each application.
Wadebridge Library & Information Service - The Library building is now closed to members of the public and a mini click and collect service is now offered from the foyer entrance only.  Library members will be able to return and pick up reserved books from the foyer area of the Library from 10am until 2pm Tuesday to Friday.  The Library will be closed on a Saturday.  There is no access to the Information Service until further notice.  We have agreed with Cornwall Council that charges are waived on overdue books during this period. 

Room Hires We have suspended hires of all Town Council rooms and buildings until the end of April 2020.  Any bookings made have been refunded or carried forward to a later date in the year. 
While the Town Hall is now closed to members of the public the office will continue to be manned and staff can be contacted by phone or by email.   Contact details are shown below.
Car Park operations will continue as normal.  Machines are being cleaned hourly.  Please be mindful of the need for everyone to keep a safe distance (2 metres) from each other. 
The Parks Department will continue working as normal taking into account safe working practices.   Again, please be mindful of the need for everyone to keep a safe distance (2 metres) from each other.
Public toilets remain open and provide an opportunity for you to wash your hands as advised.
The Council has responded to the current COVID-19 crisis in Wadebridge by establishing:
  1. An Emergency Grant funding programme of up to £500 to be awarded under the scheme of delegation to any local organisation working for the benefit of the Wadebridge community at this time.  Guidance on the procedure for application will be available next week.
  1. A Social Emergency Fund of £10,000 to be used under the scheme of delegation for the Wadebridge Community in the Covid-19 crisis.  Guidance on the procedure for application will be available next week
We are also working with other Community organisations to establish a local response to the current situation.  Full details will be made available next week.

Council Staff and Town Councillors are here to support you and our Community.  We stand together as we adapt to the changes that Coronavirus has brought to our lives.  We must stay connected and follow Government advice as we seek a return to a normal way of life. 

Take care everyone and please get in touch if you need our assistance – we are here to help.

Anne Minnis
(Town Clerk).
01208 817080

Staff Contact Details:

Finance Officer
Julie Raynes
01208 817082

Amenities Manager
Steve Wootton
01208 817084

Senior Admin. Assistant
Beverley Collins
01208 817081

Admin Assistant
Talia Smith
01208 817085

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From Wednesday 18th March 2020 until further notice the Library Information Service will be unavailable for access to staff, books, audios, computers, printing, Cornwall Councillor surgeries and council payments. Scheduled events such as Rhymetime, Lego, Community Banker and Camel sewing sessions are also cancelled.

We will be endeavouring to maintain a limited lobby service during specific times where books can be returned and reservations collected:
Tuesday to Friday 10am – 2pm
No Saturday Service

FREE with your library card are:
* BorrowBox - online e-books, e audio books.
* Press Reader - newspapers and magazines
* Online reservations and renewals–
Renewal Hotline 0845 607 6119 Telephone 0300 1234 111

Alternative ways to pay for Council Services and information on the nearest available Library and Information site can be accessed via our website or telephone 0300 1234 100.
24hr renewals 0845 607 6119