Tomorrow Friday 15 November 2019 is a date to remember for Wadebridge.  Why you may ask? Well, Wadebridge Skatepark OPENS tomorrow!!! 

You may notice that we’ve had a little rain lately so we will be having an official launch day with prizes, giveaways and much more when the weather improves and when everyone can enjoy themselves without getting drenched.  These photos were taken in the rain and while it looks a bit muddy and wet it’s also a hugely happy moment for the Town Council that in the middle of all that rain and mud is our skatepark.

You may also notice there are a few small areas still to complete – none of these affect the safe use of the park.  We will be looking to install a bridge from the Camel Trail, plant some trees and erect some fencing.  There are also a few tidy ups to be completed by our contractors Canvas but these need to wait until the weather is drier and we didn’t want to delay the park opening any further.   The skatepark has passed its ROSPA inspection so there’s no need to wait any longer. 

Thank you for your patience.  Please use the skatepark safely and look out for each other.  Please also enjoy, respect and look after the skatepark.  Well done Wadebridge – this is what we can achieve when we all work together.




Treasure Island poster

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum… it’s nearly time to weigh your anchor and set sail for Wadebridge Town Hall in early December to experience a swashbuckling Treasure Island pantomime.

This is Wadebridge Town Council’s first ever Christmas pantomime in partnership with Wadebridge Theatre Company Hopeful Monsters, and it’s sure to shiver your timbers.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel and adapted by playwright Ben Crocker, it features adventure, treasure, slapstick and plenty of cake.
After the disquieting death of seaman Billy Bones (Kathryn Pipe) in their pub, young adventurer Jim Hawkins (Ellen Gibbins) and his warm-hearted mother (Panto Dame, Jacob Outlaw) set sail in a ship owned by Squire Trelawney (Tom New) and his daughter Jennifer (Rachael Watson, disguised as a boy).

Alas, their mission is sabotaged by villainous pirate Long John Silver (Ross Harvey) who together with his geriatric parrot and his henchmen, have recruited the only pirate crew they could find: the Smuggler’s Cove Women’s Institute, led by the not-to-be-trifled-with Davina Henderson (Katie Welch)

Alongside the main story are the hilarious antics of Seadog Sam, (Bea Gordon Clark) and Seaweed Willy (Maisy New), the dastardly Bloodheart Boys (Dylan Kilpatrick, Freddy Molesworth and Jackson New), and a charming chorus of children.

The audience will be kept on the edge of their seats through thrills and spills, wanting to know the answer to Life’s Big Questions: 
Does the boy get the girl?

Who will find the treasure first?

Does the pirate plank constitute a Health and Safety risk?

And what exactly is a Bedfordshire clanger?

“This panto is for everybody, young and older - there’s something in it for everyone. Come along and enjoy the fun!'

Tickets in advance :
Adults : £7.50
  Under16 : £5.00’

Click Here to Book online now


VOLUNTEERS WANTED - Christmas Lights 2019

Wadebridge Town Council are looking for volunteers to help with the erection of the Christmas Lights on Sunday 24 November 2019.

The Town Council are looking for people to assist either all day or with morning/afternoon shifts. You will be working with the reliable team at Davey Electrical Services ltd who depend on volunteers every year to make the Town's display successful.

The approximate shift timings are:
- ALL DAY 8am until 5pm (or completion)
- AM shift 8am until 12pm
- PM shift 12:30pm until 5pm (or completion)

Pasties, breakfast baps, teas & coffees will be provided on the day by The Granary and Barnecutts Bakery.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Talia on 01208 817085 or email: or you can private message on the Town Councils Facebook account.

xmas light