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Thank you to everyone who replied to the Regulation 14 consultation in respect of the Draft NHP.  The closing date of the consultation was 11 May 2018 and since then, due to new data protection guidelines (GDPR), we have been working to ensure that all the comments received will be analysed in a way which complies with these new guidelines.  After some time we are now at the position where the responses can begin to be analysed.


In addition to the analysis of the information being carried out for and on behalf of the NHP Steering Group, Wadebridge Town Council will be carrying out an in-house analysis of the comments received to ensure that the Draft NHP reflects the wish of the people of Wadebridge.

You may be aware that the Town Council have a contract with CORMAC who clean both our toilets at the Platt and at Egloshayle Playing Fields on a daily basis.  However, as we are now in the summer season the Town Council have engaged the services of a different Cleaning Contractor to carry out a deep clean of the toilets.  The first of these was carried out last week with further cleans taking place later in August and September. The daily cleans by CORMAC will continue throughout. 


The deep clean does result in the toilets being closed for a few hours but we hope that you can see the benefit of a deep clean particularly when the Town is so busy, and the toilets are in such great demand.


It is a bit unfortunate however that Cornwall Council issued the cleaning contractor with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) while the deep clean of the Platt toilets was being carried out.  We hope this will not impact on our ability to proceed with the deep cleans still due to take place over the summer period.

platt toilets